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Crowdpurr is an Audience Engagement Platform that helps you create amazing interactive mobile-driven experiences for your live events.

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Easy as 1, 2, 3.   Here's how it works.


Setup Your Experience

1. Experience Dashboard


Display It To Your Crowd

2. Experience Visualizer


Your Crowd Interacts!

3. Mobile-Device Crowd Interaction

1. The Experience Dashboard

The web-based cross-device Experience Dashboard puts you in complete control of your interactive experience. Stop, Start, Configure, Approve Responses, Remove Posts. You're in charge.

  • Start, Pause, & Stop

    You choose when to start, stop, pause, and reset your experience. You have full crowd control.

  • Advanced Customization

    Interactively add questions, answers, images, custom branding logos, and other items to customize your experience.

  • Crowd Settings

    Require your audience to create an account, or allow anonymous interaction, or limit the amount of interactions per user.

  • Detailed Results

    See fully detailed results for all interactions, votes, and messages. Run reports and export your results!

2. The Experience Visualizer

When you're ready to show your interactive experience to your crowd, simply pop open the web-based Experience Visualizer. It's reactive and can be stretched and full-screened to fit multiple display devices - from tablets, to HD monitors, all the way to 4K event projectors. Simply drag the Experience Visualizer window to your display device.

  • Customizable Change the background, chart type, style, and many other features.
  • Experience Code Every experience has a unique five-digit code that lets your audience interact on their mobile device.
  • Real-Time Response The Experience Visualizer window automatically updates after every user interaction.
  • Final Results Show your audience the final results of your poll, trivia game, or other results-based experience.

3. Mobile-Device Crowd Interaction

Your audience simply enters your experience's five-digit code into the Crowdpur mobile website (e.g. mobile Safari, Chrome, etc.) or using the Crowdpurr native app (iOS and Android - coming soon). Once you start your experience, your crowd can join in!

  • Easy To Access Your audience can interact anonymously in one-click with no sign-up required. Or you can require a sign-up for security and user identity.
  • Cross-Device Our reactive mobile web-client works on all major mobile smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers.
  • Simple To Use The mobile web-client walks the user through how to interact with your experience.
  • Instant Results Your crowd instantly sees their vote or messages on the Experience Visualizer.

Scroll down to learn more below about Voting & Polls, Live Crowd Trivia, & Social Media Walls.

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Live Voting & Polls

Ready to get instant feedback from your audience? Use a Live Poll to allow your audience to vote on their favorite idea, weigh in on an important company decision, or gauge how much your audience likes or dislikes a topic.

Public & Private Secure Voting

Create unlimited-vote public opinion polls for fun or secure-login single-vote polls for important decisions.

Multiple Question Formats

Multiple choice, text answer, numerical answer, like/dislike, and many more.

Customization & Branding

Polls are brandable with your company's logo and many other customization features.

Live Crowd Trivia

Test your audience's knowledge! Setup a multi-question Trivia Game that every member of your crowd participates in. The Experience Visualizer shows live player rankings that displays who's the smartest in the crowd!

Multiple Questions

Setup a short or long trivia game by adding multiple questions to your game.

Image-Based Questions

Upload images for your questions so you can ask trivia questions like, "Who is this celebrity?".

Live Player Rankings

Your crowd interactively sees who the best players are in the crowd.

Social Media Walls

Allow your entire crowd to experience the social media stream of your event, group-meeting, or activity. The Social Media Wall lets you integrate Twitter, Instagram, or private Crowdpurr-only feeds complete with image-uploading and full moderation of all published posts. Oh, and cool backgrounds.

Public & Private Social Walls

Integrate Twitter and Instagram using #hashtags or create a private-social wall that supports posting only through Crowdpurr.

Social Media Image Support

The Social Wall displays both text & images from Twitter, Instagram, and Crowdpurr.

Full Post Moderation

Optionally enable Post Approval mode where you can reject, edit, and approve all new posts from any source.

Additional Experiences

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Pricing Plans

Good news! Our Basic Plan is completely free. It's great for small groups and testing out your interactive ideas. When you're ready, step up to our Premium Plan to support larger groups and crowds. Crowdpurr Custom is for when you're ready to take it to the next level.

  • Basic Plan

    For small crowds

    FREE Always
    • 5 Experiences
    • 1 Question Limit Per Experience
    • 100 Interaction Limit Per Experience
    • Limited Audience Size Per Experience
    • Crowdpurr Watermark & Advertisements
  • Crowdpurr Custom

    Original, High-End Interactive Experiences

    Contact Us for more info
    • Tailor-built Experiences Per Client on the Crowdpurr Platform
    • Premium, Highly Customized & Branded Experiences
    • Advanced 3D Graphics & Mobile-Based Crowd Games
    • Support for Ultra High-Capacity Live Events
    • Immersive experiences like Off-Road Racing Challenge, Video Slingr, & Zombie Death Run

Compare Features

We're always adding features and functionality. As a Premium Subscriber you will automatically gain access to all new featuers and experience types as we roll them out. Got a great idea or feature request? We'd love to hear about it!

Basic Plan
Premium Plan
Crowdpurr Custom
Number of Simultaneous Experiences
Number of Interactions Per Experience
Audience Size
Number of Questions Allowed Per Experience
Crowdpurr Watermark & Advertisements
Access to All Experience Types (e.g. Scoreboard, Live Q&A)
Upload Custom Logos
Upload Question Images
Export Results & Participation Data
Customized, Client-Specific, Tailored Experience
Advanced 3D Graphics & Interactive Mobile Crowd Games
Monthly Subscription Cost
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